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  • Character creation is very straight forward and has a ton of choices, but there really isn’t much that blew me away here. Astellia uses DirectX 9, and it shows, Astellia Online Asper since a number of the options looked outdated. Still, it had been fairly easy to create attractive characters without having to spend too much time fiddling with the…[Read more]

  • To be clear, it is not a conventional take, although EA is group the Face of the Franchise attribute inside the franchise style notion. It’s more but if you are a guy like me, I would not seem to FOTF for a boost to your favourite way to play Madden. In FOTF, a QB is created by you and choose from 10 real-life school football programs. You’ll lead…[Read more]

  • In order start Construction, you must first go to any Estate Agent in the game. As most major cities have you, they are quite easy to find. After that, you can begin training Construction, and the best place to grind when you’re at your rates is Rimmington. To create these, you are going to want 1 Saw, 1 Hammer, 400 Steel Nails, 166 Frequent…[Read more]

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